June InJoyBox For Her

The June InJoyBox For Her theme was “The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it. John 1:5”

Each InJoyBox was a reminder that the Love and Joy of Jesus overcomes all darkness.  Take a look at the June InJoyBox For Her below:

Take a peek inside:

Light in the darkness

The super soft sublimated T-shirt included in each box is a wonderful reminder of the hope we have in Jesus.

personalized mirror

The personalized item in the June box was a compact mirror.  

Sunshine energy drink

Add a little sunshine and pep to your day with the Sunshine energy drink.  It tastes so great, it’s hard to believe it’s good for you?

shine bright

Keep this handy reminder to always shine bright close by.  The sticker by Big Moods is perfect for any cup, computer, or journal.  And it’s water resistant!!

mini lantern

Add a little light to your decor.  The mini lantern included in each box is perfect as an accent piece on your patio or shelf.

tea light

Don’t worry about remembering to blow out the candle in your lantern.  With the battery powered tea light, you can have light without all the fuss.


The beautiful Shine artwork and poem by Cheryl Smith is an amazing reminder of the beautiful woman you are.  Be sure to follow Cheryl at her Blank to Beauty Facebook page for amazing encouragement!! Join her group here.

Copper mini lights

Light up any space with the copper mini lights. Perfect for any patio, decoration, dorm room, window, and even gift boxes!  Plug it in or use it remotely with the included batteries.


Never miss a hair with the illuminating tweezers included in the June box.

*Designs and colors vary.  Substitutions are possible.

Deliver Joy

Miss out on our June box? No worries, our other boxes will be just as great!

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