Praise the Lord in All Things

I am a simple woman with a simple faith: Jesus loves me and He died for me so I could live with Him in eternity. This simple faith was tested on October 8, 2016 when I was diagnosed with aggressive, stage 3c breast cancer. For the next year and a half I would come back time and again to this simple truth.

I suffered physical and emotional pain through the surgeries, treatments and side effects. Everyday was a struggle and there were days when I asked, “Where are you Jesus, what is happening to me?” The times when I was ready to give up and the enemy of my soul thought he could destroy me, the still small voice of my Savior reminded me that He would never leave me or forsake me. He would comfort me with a card from a friend, hugs from my precious grandsons, a smile of encouragement from my daughter. Flowers, meals, prayers, phone calls and visits from my church family were all gifts from God. All reminding me to trust His love and grace. He was the light of my world, guiding me one day at a time.

Praise became the perfect medicine. There were times when I was so weak that my praise was simply saying the name of Jesus, over and over. He understood the times I doubted and just held my hand beside my bed.

I have come through the dark woods to the light on the other side. Jesus has healed me. He walked that path with me. I have grown in my simple faith and I know without a doubt nothing is impossible with the God I worship.

I think back to those terrible nights and Satan tries to suck me back to those fearful, anxious thoughts of death. The Holy Spirit reminds me that the enemy of my soul has been defeated. No weapon formed against me shall stand. My Jesus has defeated the enemy with His blood and His powerful word. I will praise His name forever.

In Joy,


Praise the Lord
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